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Alligators Of Tickfaw State Park
Ever feel like you are being watched?

Louisiana alligator hunters currently harvest over 33,000 wild alligators and farmers harvest over 280,000 farm-raised alligators every year. We eat alligator meat here in Louisiana. It is mainly the tail that is eaten. When fried it taste sorta like tender chicken. It almost looks like chicken nuggets when it is served on some seafood buffets. The raw meat and hide values are estimated at over $10 million for the wild harvest and over $33 million for the farm harvest in 2005. (Note these values consist of raw meat and hides only and are not reflective of hide values after tanning and product manufacturing, values associated with jobs, tourism, economy, etc. or egg values.)

These pictures of alligators taken at the Tickfaw State Park pond.


These alligators are in the fishing pond and from time to time have to be thinned out. These pictures were taken in 2008 and shortly after that I was told that a couple of the larger ones were captured and tasted really good. JUST JOKING!!!!

There is an alligator farm near-by and I believe that is where they were taken to. Information about the Alligator Tour is listed below.

Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Tours
41083 W Yellow Water Rd, Hammond, La, 70403
1-800-854-9164 | 985-345-3617
Tours include the turtle and alligator farms as well as a bird sanctuary with egrets and herons nesting over the alligators.

Most people who visit Kliebert's are fascinated by what they are able to observe as they watch the demonstrations of our operations. We have literally thousands of alligators, and have been raising them for nearly five decades. We even have production facilities for our turtles that you may find interesting, but it is our breeding stock of alligators that is most excitable to those who visit our facility. Also, on your alligator and turtle tour, you will see our bird sanctuary with egrets and herons nesting in the trees above the alligator nests. We invite you to come learn about our most unique operation.