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Tickfaw State Park
27225 Patterson Road
Springfield, LA 70462-8906

Phone Numbers
For reservations, call 1-877-CAMP-N-LA (877-226-7652) toll free.
Please note that prices may change from time to time and it's best to check with the park for the latest prices.


 Cabins hold 8 people and are air conditioned

---Cabin Plan and Layout---
Overnight visitors can stay at one of 14 vacation cabins that overlook a cypress swamp. These are some really nice cabins with fireplaces and a screened back porch. All of them come fully furnished and equipped. There are also several handicapped equipped cabins with a long ramp leading to the
entrance door. The land here is very flat with just a couple of dips and humps so if you have to get around in a wheelchair it will be very easy.

Overnight visitors can stay at one of 14 vacation cabins that overlook a cypress swamp. Each air-conditioned, two-bedroom cabin sleeps eight persons and includes a fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom.  The Group Camp accommodates up to 48 visitors in two spacious dormitory wings, each wing served by private bath facilities. The dormitories flank a dining hall and central kitchen, equipped with commercial cooking equipment. Day-use visitors can reserve a covered picnic shelter to enjoy a traditional crawfish boil or an old-fashioned family

These cabins are located in a very quite area of the park that is not traveled as much as other streets. This makes it an excellent area if you have small children. There is plenty of open space around the cabins for sports like volleyball.

I have saved my favorite picture for last. The screened in porch is so nice to sit out in. Put some bird seed, peanuts or an ear of corn out behind the screened in porch. If you are an early morning riser get yourself a cup of coffee and be very quite and sit on the porch and wait for the animals to come out. If you are lucky you will see a deer come out to eat the corn. I can almost promise you that you will see a squirrel or a raccoon and possibly a possum. The trick is to be very quite. If you are a smoker,,, put it out. These animals have a keen sense of smell and can hear a pin drop. Follow these guidelines and you should see something. Repeat this again in the evening about an hour before sunset. The animals are out there but they are smarter than you think. The bravest animals are the squirrels. You may see half a dozen of them. They love sunflower seeds. The same ones that you can get 10-20 lbs for at most stores for under $10. Your kids will have a blast and you probably will also.