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Canoes $20 per day includes paddles, life jackets
  • Additional life jackets can be rented for $1 each where available
  • Price varies with concessionaire rentals - please contact site to check availability and rates

Note: Prices are subject to change

A canoe landing accommodates shallow-draft watercraft that can navigate the narrow stretch of the river that cuts through the heart of the park. Visitors can bring their own canoes or use park canoes during scheduled canoe tour sessions. Contact the front gate at 225-294-5020 for more information on canoeing. This could change and be the Nature Center.


You can have a great time canoeing around Tickfaw State Park. Many areas you'll be canoeing in will only be about a foot of water. The bayous and waterways vary a lot from day to day. In the pictures above the water is at the deepest point only about 2 to 3 feet deep. This is basically lowlands and swamps. When it rains a dry creek bed can go from having no water in it to overflowing in less than an hour. You will have a good chance to see some snakes, alligators, egrets and many other birds and wildlife. From time to time the canoe trips can go out into one of the largest river in the area which is the Amite River. Again a lot depends on the amount of rain that has fallen. I have seen it rain for so hard for so long that water covered up the canoe launch, dock and part of the parking lot.

Canoeing here is well worth it. If you have never seen the swamps of the Delta Region of Louisiana then take the time and go for a canoe ride. It will probably be the most relaxing and enjoyable part of your visit to this State Park.

If you are taking pictures of your canoeing venture be sure to upload a couple of the pictures to the picture post of this web site.

Thanks for stopping by my web site and I hope you enjoy your time here in Louisiana.

Bill Elsenrath